Orange Sweater

Orange crocheted sweater with white, black, and red buttons.
The first article of clothing I’ve crocheted! It’s sassy.

I finally finished the sweater I’ve been working on for my daughter. It’s a cardigan from the book Little Crochet. The pattern calls for switching yarn to make stripes and adding a pocket, but I opted for a simpler look. My goals were simple: to have it fit my daughter and be done before it was too warm to wear. I succeeded!

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The yarn did that all on its own!

A dishcloth is a relatively easy project to crochet. The problem is that “easy” can quickly turn to “boring.” Making little squares of fabric isn’t that exciting. I generally like to make washcloths when I’m trying to learn a new stitch or technique.

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What inspires us

We decided to get this here blog up and running because we were inspired by what we see others doing. There is a whole generation of women and men getting excited about food and crafting. Not only that, but they are sharing it with the world—sometimes stunningly well. Part of our motivation for working on this blog is purely selfish: we want to have a place to remember some of the great stuff we see.

You’ll see some of our favorite sources for inspiration in our “who we like” section at the bottom of the page, but we want to know who you like, too. Comment here to let us know who inspires you with their work. Who are your favorite cooks, crafters, and writers? Who helps make staying-in as good as (or better than!) going-out?

Let’s spread the love, folks!