Orange Sweater

Orange crocheted sweater with white, black, and red buttons.
The first article of clothing I’ve crocheted! It’s sassy.

I finally finished the sweater I’ve been working on for my daughter. It’s a cardigan from the book Little Crochet. The pattern calls for switching yarn to make stripes and adding a pocket, but I opted for a simpler look. My goals were simple: to have it fit my daughter and be done before it was too warm to wear. I succeeded!

She picked out the pattern, yarn (Cascade 220 superwash), and buttons (from my spare stash) and I took a few months to work on it bit by bit. Orange is her favorite color, but it will also make for a nice hand-me-down for her little brother when she grows out of it.

Close up of the buttons
These buttons were culled from the collection of extra buttons that you get when you buy shirts. My daughter got to pick from the vast array of whites and blacks (and the one red).

Of course I can see every place I made a mistake, but on the whole, I’m pleased with it. I’m using some of the leftover yarn to work up a blanket for the aforementioned little brother. Second children get the short end of the stick with that sort of thing. Eldest has several handmade blankets from friends and relatives and he has none yet. We’ll get that sorted.

(I hope to update later with a picture of her wearing it. She’s been under the weather ever since it was finished so I haven’t had a chance yet. Stay tuned!)

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